Be Brave!

Our Wiki Rules Edit

Welcome to our Airport Roleplaying wiki. We hope you enjoy to stay and that you like it here! To get you started, here are some important rules:

  • Be brave, be bold and do your best. Don't think that anything's impossible, the word itself says 'I'm Possible!'.
  • Add categories to pages, but always ask the creator. Admins are an exception, as they add categories to help sort the wiki.
  • Do keep this wiki a tidy and helpful place. We rely on you, the bold, the brave, the new, to come and help us.
  • Don't spam or troll. They will get you blocked and/or banned if you keep on abusing the chat and comments.
  • Ask admins for advice. You can do this by going to the forums and starting a new thread.
  • Feel free to show admins new things!
  • Have fun!