This guide will teach you to put categories in the right places. This is one of our Wiki Rules that we enforce throughout the wiki. To add a category, go to the sidebar (new editor) or the menu (old editor), go to the categories tab and enter in the relevant category.

Character Categories Edit

Age Edit

Very important. Either put:

25 or Under


Over 25

Gender Edit

Self explanatory.

Female, Male or even Transgender!

Residence Edit

Just put the country of residence of your character.

Occupation Edit

Put the job of your character, eg; If your character is an owner of a company, put Manager.

Character Edit

Self-explanatory. Put the Characters category.

Location Categories Edit

Country Edit

Which country is it in? Put the country down.

Location Edit

Self explanatory. Put the Locations Category.

Sub-Categories Edit

Companies that operate within that location should put a category with the name of the location. Say if Hotel Hoppa was to operate in Heathrow, then Hotel Hoppa should have the Heathrow category.

Used or Disused Edit

Used means all parts of the airport are used. Partly Disused refers to a part of the airport disused and/or demolished. Disused means all parts of the airport are demolished and/or abandoned.

Company Categories Edit

Base Edit

Which country is it based in? Put it down.

Airport and/or Location Edit

If your company is operating at an airport, put the name of the airport down. If your company is operating at a location, put the location down.

Type of Company Edit

What type of company is it? Put it down.

Company Edit

Self-explanatory. Put the Companies category down.

Building Categories Edit

Country Edit

What country is it in? Put it down.

Building Edit

Self-explanatory. Put the Buildings category in.

Story Categories Edit

Countries Edit

Where does it take place? Put it down.

Airport Edit

Put the airport(s) that it takes place in.

Story Edit

Put the Story category in.